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Play Store Removes AdBlock Plus App

Google has made a bold decision to remove a popular app from it’s Play Store that blocks adverts in apps and browsers.

AdBlock Plus blocks advertisements that appear in many, mostly free, apps and on many webpages.

The German developers who created the app have seen a huge increase in the number of people using the ad blocker and software alike. This will in turn have seen the successful infection rate through malware ridden advertisements (malvertisements) drop. The creators state that despite Google’s claims that the ‘app interferes with or accesses another service in an unauthorised manner’, that their program does not manipulate any other service, it simply gives the end user options of what is and isn’t presented in their browser and apps. Something they believe is within the users rights.

Google’s decision to remove the app was backed by their claim that the app violates the Developer Distribution Agreement, the developer again claims that no rules or contracts have been broken.

Many advertising companies have criticised ad blocking apps like AdBlock Plus. Websites rely on revenue generated by online advertising and see these programs as destructive to their business. Coincidently Google also relies heavily on advertising in order to make a profit …


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