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PM Strengthens UK & India Online Relations

The prime minister’s visit to India this week has not only seen a desire for the UK and India to join forces in business in order to boost economy and business relations, but also the need to build better relations in terms of technology and most importantly cyber security.

UK based businesses are increasingly opting for overseas providers of data storage. The high standards of compliance and regulations in Britain’s own data centres give them a high advantage. These standards should be enough to keep business within the UK, however the economic benefits of going abroad are winning over many. This is why the prime minister has highlighted the need to better protect British data on Indian servers.

The joint force will put pressure on outsourced companies to achieve cyber security certifications such as ISO 27001 along with stricter SLA targets and the need for regular audits.  The new relationship will also see the sharing of intelligence and threat knowledge, again improving both nations’ security prevention and resolution efforts.

The 3 day trip will cease tomorrow and we should expect to see stronger relationships with India growing over the coming years.


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