Private Cloud and Virtual Servers

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Private Cloud and Virtual Servers

The cloud is a terminology for a service that provides server resources via the internet, which is provided from a network of physical computers known as servers.  The term cloud has become more popular since the birth of virtual servers, allowing you to triple the amount of servers with less physical hardware.  Virtual Servers are created by allowing the hardware to be split down and shared across multiple operating systems allowing several operating systems to run and process individual data at the same time.

Signal Networks don’t just sell virtual servers and send you on your way – We setup, manage and consolidate a unique virtual system that is fully managed, maintained and monitored.

Signal Networks can provide tailored hardware resources allocated from a central pool on a per VPS basis. This option means that Signal Networks are able to provide a custom, flexible solution to each and every client. If after a period of time you decide your servers require more resource, it’s as simple as allocating more from the pool at an agreed additional cost.
This method will save you money as your servers are off-site and will have no running costs.

If you prefer, Signal Networks can integrate a Virtual Platform into your existing setup, by reducing the amount of physical hardware servers in your office.  So if your company needs multiple servers to do different tasks such as running a domain controller, exchange, phone system or whatever you need then it’s a good way to cut costs by running an in-house virtual system.

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