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Proactive Prevention of Web Security Risks

Protecting your websites and networks from intrusions, bugs and breaches is a top priority for all businesses and we all employ tools and resources to help up stay best protected. Despite investing time and money into these resources, many are often not used to their full extent and despite having measures in place, if not used properly the risks can remain a threat.

So how can you proactively prevent web security risks and utilise the tools and resources to the best of their ability in a demanding business environment?

Be aware of where your personal data is stored
Knowing where personal and sensitive data is being stored can allow you to proactively protect that high risk area, prioritising is key. By understanding fully where and how information is stored you can target your scans and checks to ensure that the locations where this is stored is fully protected.

Utilise all the tools you have
We all install firewalls, switches, web scanners and security programs into our networks, but often we use them at face value and don’t make the most of the features they provide. Dive deep into the tools you have and make the most of the advanced services they offer. Most manufacturers offer courses and webinars, often free of cost, and half hour here and there, it could potentially save you both time and money in the long run.

Prioritise your time and resources
Prioritising is a vital skill in all jobs and knowing your network inside out helps to allow you to prioritise when allocating your own time and the resources you have to hand.

Listen to what you’re being told
Only listening to what you want to hear can lead to a variety of problems. If you run a web scanner and you’re told that your website is secure in a technical sense but there is an operational issue then don’t ignore it. Act on it and get the problem resolved as often these things can escalate and are often better executed sooner rather than later.

Take responsibility
Don’t assume that someone else has got that covered; if you spot that something needs attention, then take charge and ensure that any issues are resolved.

Understand your company goals
No matter the size, industry or nature of an organisation, all employees work towards the ultimate company goal. Communication is key to understanding what the goal is and how it can be achieved within your own department. By ensuring that you are fully aware of the most effective ways to reach your goals, you can utilise your time and resources in the most efficient way.


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