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Protect Your Business from Zero-day Exploits

Zero-day exploits are attacks that takes advantage of a security vulnerability on the same day that the vulnerability becomes known.  When a potential security issue within a software programme is detected the software company, and on occasion the general public, will be notified so action can be taken.

‘Black hat’ hackers are becoming incredibly sophisticated at finding new vulnerabilities and exploiting them before the software company is able to fix the code and issue a patch or software update.

Companies exposed to such exploits should install procedures for early detection. Both Fortinet and Paloalto firewalls provide platforms, leveraged by existing hardware, which can detect vulnerabilities, apply remedies and patch scan.

These platforms can:

  • Deliver real-time insight into vulnerabilities and security policies.
  • Monitor traffic, identifying all applications, regardless of protocol, encryption or evasive tactics.
  • Identify and assess risks, reporting on all types of real and potential vulnerabilities enabling you to isolate the risks using a virtual sandbox environment.
  • Identify and apply available remedies, such a patches.
  • Protect users and stop outbreaks, by automatically generating protections to block the threat, which is shared with all subscribers across the world in as little as 30 minutes; without manual action or analysis.
  • Generate reports of all risks and vulnerabilities – this correlation of data is key to identifying and preventing future attacks.

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