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Protect Against BYOD (Bring Your Own Disaster)


With more and more companies allowing and even encouraging employees to Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD, the number of bring your own disasters is increasing.

So how can you keep both your device and your business network safe when crossing so many different networks?…

1) Lock your device. Sounds simple, but it’s amazing how many users will leave their tablets, laptops and smartphones unlocked when nipping out for lunch or walking away from their desks. By employing a locking mechanism and using it you’re instantly protecting not only your works data but your own data too.

2) Don’t share your device with family, friends or colleagues. You get home and your children want to play an online game on your laptop, download an app to your iPad or smartphone… it’s your device and you’re away from work so why not? The fact is you’ve chosen to allow sensitive company data onto that device. The likelihood of your son or daughter being a spy for a competitor is unlikely but a downloaded app or a link within a game, could be malicious giving unauthorised access to hackers.

3) The chances of losing your work desktop are a lot lower than your smartphone falling out your pocket on the train home, or your iPad being lost in the pub during an after work drink. So think about what data you store on these portable devices compared with what you save to your desktop. If you have a highly sensitive file saved on your iPad, remove it over the weekend. This way if a portable device is lost, you can rest assured that the file isn’t.

4) Unsecured public wifi networks can be dangerous, traffic could be being monitored giving visibility of your company emails and files to anyone. Wait until you get home before syncing your email or downloading that important file.

5) Encrypt your devices! There are many encryption services available, for smartphones and tablets as well as desktops and laptops. If you’ve got sensitive documents saved on your portable device, encrypt it to protect it from prying eyes.


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