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Protecting Against Cryptolocker

We reported on Monday on the latest virus targeting businesses across the UK that could lead to company data being held to ransom.

The Cryptolocker ransonware attacks business networks in order to encrypt essential data. The virus then demands payments of up to £500 in order to decrypt and release the files.

So how can you protect your network against threats like the Cryptolocker attack?

A recent in article in SC Magazine Symantec Security Response Manager Gavin O’Gorman said ‘However, basic anti-virus is not always enough to protect businesses from this type of attack, you do need extra layers, even if firms have anti-virus, they could get infected: criminals are very smart.”

Implementing a strong firewall will help protect your network against unwanted and dangerous threats. Fortinet provide a great range of affordable and reliable firewalls to add an additional security layer to your network. Whether you’re supporting 5 or 500 users, there will be a suitable FortiGate solution for you.

If a malicious email does manage to break through your firewall, as secondary precaution and security layer can be added in the form of a spam filter. All email providers will provide an email filter within their service, however this is often too weak to filter out many virus’, especially new threats that haven’t been discovered yet. A hosted email spam filter offers a much stronger filter to protect against spam and viruses. So far Cryptolocker has been discovered within a zip file attachment, within the zip file the virus sits waiting to be released when the file is downloaded. Cryptolocker is stored as a double extension file, ‘*.pdf.exe’ for example. A hosted spam filter will prevent emails with these kinds of attachments ever reaching your inbox.

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