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Qi Wireless Charging for S4

Samsung has announced that the newest member of the Galaxy smart phone range, the S4, expected later this year will come compatible for Qi wireless charging.

The Qi wireless charging system is a standard set up meaning it is available on a number of different portable devices. The S4 won’t come set up for wireless charging but a number of accessories that will set the smartphone up to be, will be released on the consumer market in hand with the release of the handset. A back battery cover and wireless charging pads are just a few of the items that could be purchased to enable wireless charging on the S4.

Many of the accessories will be manufactured and sold as Samsung products and will come with the expected inflated price tag. The benefit for consumers is that as Qi is an open standard there are a number of other brands supplying authorised Qi chargers and accessories at more competitive prices meaning the S4 can be made Qi wireless charging compatible at a reasonable cost.

This new feature will allow the S4 to stand out from the iPhone 5 crowd.


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