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China to Launch Hack-Proof Quantum Communication Network

China are the first country creating a 2000km quantum communication network between Beijing and Shaghai. This decision was heavily influenced based on the knowledge China received regarding the US targeting network backbones for surveillance (as per Edward Snowden’s leaked intelligence). The network is expected to carry government, military and financial institution data and is deemed “to be “unhackable” and will provide the most secure encryption technology to users”. It is because any attempt to grab the key would result in the data morphing and both parties being notified of the interruption in transmission.

Quantum Communication Network

Professor Pan Jianwei, a quantum physicist with the University of Science and Technology of China and a lead scientist of the national quantum communication project has revealed the ambitious targets during an international conference in Hebei on Quantum communication network’s. He went on to add that “China’s quantum information science and technology is developing very fast and China leads in some areas in this field,” adding “any city in China, as long they want to, can start to build the quantum communication network now.”

It is said, by local scientists, that China could have paid near £11m per 10,000 users for its construction, however the Government refuse to reveal the exact amount.


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