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Raspberry Pi Launches Pi Store

Raspberry Pi

Since its launch in February earlier this year, the Raspberry Pi has been one of 2012s biggest technology successes.

In the last ten months the chip has gathered a huge following of developers, young and old, creating a range of software, media, tutorials and games specifically for the Pi.

Now gaming website IndieCity and digital media delivery platform Velocix have teamed up with Raspberry Pi to develop Pi Store. Much like Apple Store and Google Play, Pi Store is a place where Pi enthusiasts can share and sell content across categories such as apps, games and tools.

There are currently 25 apps available from the store, the majority of which are offered for free. The amount of resources available will increase dramatically as the Pi Store makes its footprint.

The Raspberry Pi foundation encourages everyone to create content, its initial target audience the next generation of programmers, coders and developers. The Raspberry Pi has sparked a lot of interest from older IT literates but also from enthusiastic IT and physics teachers. Considering the Raspberry Pi hasn’t even reached its first birthday it’s fair to say there’s still plenty of time for it to fully take flight in the educational sector. There are approximately 750,000 Raspberry Pi’s in the hands of Pi enthusiasts. An significant increase on the original 10,000 that were predicted to be purchased upon initial release.

Raspberry Pi has announced they have big plans for 2013, with intentions to bring the Pi to the classroom. Transforming the way children understand and use computers.


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