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Raspberry Pi Lego Cloud Network

Raspberry Pi Lego

The University of Glasgow has created a mini commercial cloud infrastructure using Raspberry Pi’s and Lego.

The micro data centre consists of 56 Raspberry Pi computers and a number of Lego brick racks built to mimic a multimillion pound cloud infrastructure seen at data centres worldwide.

The simulation gives students and researchers a hands on experience of how a data centre works, on a much smaller and more economic scale. The 56 strong micro network set the University back a mere £4000. Learning and research about data centres has been previously reliant on software to simulate the environment, however this practical model offers a more literal set up to experiment with, giving the opportunity to learn more about how data centres work and are controlled.

The Raspberry Pi/Lego cloud network offers a portable and energy efficient infrastructure.

Find out more by visiting the University of Glasgow’s Raspberry Pi Lego Cloud Project.


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