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Raspberry Pi Water Cooler

A London tech enthusiast has developed a water cooling device to be used alongside the miniature computer innovation Raspberry Pi.

The Raspberry Pi has not suffered any cooling issues in its first year in the computing world, however the ability of keeping the CPU temperature lower for longer is always beneficial. The turbo feature of the Pi is also restricted past 85 degrees so the device has the potential to extend the use of turbo by a considerable amount.

The cooling device consists of a small water tank and pump, and has been designed to fit the credit card sized computer perfectly. Despite easily fitting in the hand of the average human, the cooling rig still overshadows the tiny credit card sized Raspberry Pi. Designer James Couzens, who works under the name ‘Phame’ also decided to topically dye the water a neon pink to compliment it’s ‘Raspberry’ companion.


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