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The Red List for 2013 Is Ready

The Red List 2013 has recently been released by Justin Somaini. The Red List is a security innovation survey looking at entrepreneurs’ focus when it comes to security issues and where the demand is coming from.

The data was compiled when he released a survey to about 10,000 individuals in the security space focusing on three main components in the security industry (practitioner, vender and investor). The aim of this data was to get additional insights for context and insight into the areas of concern and innovation.

He believes that if security is about giving integrity, confidentiality and availability to content and transactions, then the controls should be where the content and transactions are.

Over the years, we have started to migrate from our Enterprises to the Internet (Cloud, Saas etc) however the controls haven’t changed in keeping with this move. Justin Somaini’s Red List Report looks at how security models have implemented this change best and how they are rated  by their peers.

Some of the subjects the report looks at are:

  • Top 20 innovative security companies
  • What are the five key security problems you face
  • NextGen mobility security
  • NextGen network security
  • NextGen SEIM/ analytics
  • Application security
  • Identity and authentication management
  • NextGen malware protection
  • Secrets, keys and encryption
  • Startups


You can read about his findings on his blog here or find the full Red List 2013 report here.


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