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Redact Develops First 100% Secure Messenger App

A British developer has created a heavily encrypted messaging application designed specifically for secure business messaging. Redact claims to be the world’s first totally secure instant messenger application.

‘Redact’ works differently to other messaging apps such as Whatsapp and Blackberry messenger. For starters Redact does not use usernames or phone numbers as contacts, each conversation is assigned a pin number, which offers a secure identity to all users.

The biggest difference and advanced security feature is the way the apps sends messages and the journey they take. Redact messages at no point traffic through a remote server. The app connects peer to peer over a data connection and then drops to leave the two devices independently connected to exchange the triple encrypted messages. By not passing through a server, messages are completely independent and restricted to the handset.

The messages also have a feature unlike no other messaging app, the ability to permanently delete any message from not only your phone but from the recipients also. The user is in control of what is visible on both their device and their peers.

Redact has been put forward to CESG approval and the developers have offered a £10,000 reward to anyone who manages to hack into two conversing devices using the app.

Redact is currently available from Apples AppStore and will soon be available on Android and Windows devices.


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