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Reversible USB Designed

USB 3.0 have unveiled a reversible USB design called USB Type-C that “establishes a new cable and connector scheme tailored to fit mobile device product designs, yet is robust enough for laptops and tablets”.

This new reversible USB design means that users worldwide wouldn’t have to worry about which way round the plug needs to be when it is connected to a device. Brad Saunders, the Group Chairman of USB 3.0 said “interest in the USB Type-C connector has not only been global, but cross-industry as well,” and that “representatives from the PC, mobile, automotive and IoT industries have been knocking down our door anticipating this new standard. This specification is the culmination of an extensive, cooperative effort among industry leaders to standardize the next generation USB connector as a long-lasting, robust solution.”

Although it won’t be compatible with existing USB plugs, it’s comparable in size to micro USB 2.0 Type B connectors with a port size of 8.4 by 2.6mm. It can also support USB Power Delivery up to 100W with the capability to support scalable power charging and future USB performance needs.

As the industry develops and adapts to this new reversible USB, adapters will be available to enable users to link old devices to their new technology. Users however, will be more susceptible to adapt to the technology as it already exists in Apple’s lightning connector which can be plug into a port either way round.

Key characteristics of the new reversible USB design will feature:

  • Entirely new design
    • Tailored for emerging product designs
    • Robust enough for laptops and tablets; slim enough for mobile phones
    • Similar to size of USB 2.0 Micro-B
  • Usability enhancements
    • Reversible plug orientation and cable direction
  • Supports scalable power charging
  • Future scalability
    • Designed to support future USB performance needs
  • Mechanical specs:
    • Receptacle opening: ~8.4mm x ~2.6mm
    • Durability: 10,000 cycles
    • Improved EMI- and RFI-mitigation features
    • Power delivery capacity: 3A for standard cables and 5A for connectors

Although this new reversible USB design will allows more devices to be connected easier, it comes at a time when users should have increased awareness of the dangers that USB ports can bring to businesses.

Reversible USB Designed- 15 August 2014


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