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0.5% Smartphone Traffic in 2018 Due to Wearable Technology

It is estimated by Cisco that around 177 million wearable technology devices will be sold by 2018 and will account for at least 0.5% of smartphone traffic.

The research suggested that wearable technology will be worth an estimated $30 billion by 2018 and was backed up with all of the content and discussion from the 2014 CES show in Las Vegas.

There has already been development from the big companies such as Intel, Sony, and of course Google as well as smaller companies like Shanda who will all have to compete with a rise expected in smartphone purchases. It’s expected that US consumers will download and upload more data on their smartphones in 2018 than they did on their laptops in 2013.

Cisco has predicted that global traffic from wearable devices will account for 0.4% of total mobile data traffic in 2018 compared to the 0.1% produced during 2013.

However, Jupiter Research suggested in December that there may be new social and legal barriers which will inhibit the adoption of wearable technology with privacy being a key issue.


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