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Roaming Charges Abolished by EU

27 European Commissioners have voted to abolish data, call and text roaming charges.

The proposal would mean all calls, texts and data fees would remain at a set fee no matter where in the EU they were made. The European telecoms market consists of over 100 operators which mean calls made in a country other than the handsets home country can incur huge roaming costs, especially when downloading mobile data. The change, which could be in place as early as July 2014, would encourage consumers to use their phones abroad, a situation which many users avoid in order to keep costs to a minimum.

The revenue generated by roaming charges makes up approximately 2% of the total turnover for mobile phone operators. Encouraging the use of mobile phones abroad could see an increase in overall revenue as many will chose to use their phone as usual, occasionally incurring small costs which in the long run would amount to more than the revenue generated from the few that do use their phones abroad currently.

It’s predicted that the reform could be pushed through European parliament and in place as early as July 1st 2014.


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