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Rumours of Windows 9 Begin

Windows 8.1 is due to be released in October and already talk of Windows 9 has started.

Windows 8 was a big risk for Microsoft. Attempting to create a flawless hybrid OS for use on both touch screen tablets and traditional desktops was a tricky job for the worlds most popular operating system provider. Despite receiving criticism, Microsoft has stuck their ground with the unconventional Windows 8 and have kept many of the drastically changed features for the latest version of their current OS, Windows 8.1.

Windows 8.1 is due to hit users of Windows 8 as a free update in October, but already rumours are flying for the next version of Windows OS, currently being referred to as Windows 9. The rumours have sprung following a series of job advertisements placed by Microsoft for developers, with specific reference to a focus on Windows 9 and IE11.

There isn’t much more information available, whether Windows 9 will be another free upgrade or a standalone product, or when it’s expected to be ready for public release. What we do know if that Microsoft aim to build Windows 9 with a focus on the smaller tablet market, offering a more economical OS with a wider selection of tablet focussed apps.


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