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Safe Online Shopping

As the countdown to Christmas approaches and the shops become more and more manic, the number of shoppers turning to the online marketplace is increasing year on year. But with the number of online transactions getting greater, as are the number of scams and attacks targeted at unsuspecting Christmas shoppers.

Up to 61% of malicious websites are compromised legitimate sites. Businesses need to protect their customers by implementing tools such as SSL certificates and separate test signing. Secure Sockets Layer Certificates (SSL) will significantly improve detection of threats before they have time to attack. When using code signing certificates it’s important to separate test sign and release sign infrastructures as well as using strong private keys in cryptographic hardware devices to protect digital certificates.

Both consumer and provider need to protect themselves and each other.

The increase in the use of applications is also changing the way we shop online, and how cyber criminals angle their attacks. Applications are constantly being updated and developed and code signing services are used by these developers to confirm their authenticity. If an app is not authenticated, don’t use it. Ensuring device software is up to date is an essential tool in cyber security.
Updates will contain the latest patches and protect users against the latest known threats. It’s believed that 50% of computers are not fully up to date, this leaves the door wide open for criminals.

Users can protect themselves by learning to detect scam emails and not opening links that lead to malicious sites. The number of these types of emails will increase over festive period. By learning to spot signs that indicate a site is genuine; such as the browser bar containing green text suggests the site has an extended validation certificate. These easily applicable personal tools can offer a huge amount of online protection to shoppers not only over the next month but all year round.


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