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Samsung to Partner with Amazon to Stream 4K Video to the UK

Due to a partnership with the TV manufacturer Samsung, Amazon has announced that they will be streaming 4K video to the UK from October 2014.

In an announcement from Samsung, they have confirmed that they will be working in partnership with Amazon, Netflix, Maxdome, and CHIL to “accelerate consumer adoption and access to UHD content” and produce more 4K video material.

Although 4K video TV’s have been around for about a year, consumers haven’t latched onto the technology. This is because there isn’t a large amount of content released in 4K to make the step up worthwhile. 4K resolution “equates to four times the resolution of Full HD, and is also called Ultra HD (UHD for short)”.

Won Jin Lee the Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics has said that “we are providing our customers with a wider array of UHD content to enjoy on our TVs.” And that “the era of UHD has begun, and to continue even more widespread adoption, it is important to provide consumers with more choices when it comes to UHD content.”


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