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Samsung Announce iWatch Rival

The rivalry between tech prodigy Apple and their Korean competitor Samsung is about to hot up yet again.

Apples latest project, the iWatch, which has been rolling on the tech rumour mill for a while now, has competition before it’s even been officially announced as a future product. Samsung have revealed they’ve been working on a smart watch which will rival the iWatch for ‘so long’. Both smart watches are rumoured to perform all the tasks an iPhone/smartphone can but with additional features that measure and work with the individual by analysing the physical activities and reactions of the user, thus making a more personalised and technically malleable product.

The new products open the doors for yet another patenting battle between the two companies. Last year Samsung were fined $1billion in a lawsuit accusing them of copyright infringement against Apple. The fine is a mere fraction of the revenue generated from Samsung smartphones and tablets. The comparatively minimal threat means the Korean firm can afford to take the risk with other projects, like the smart watch.

A release date for either product hasn’t been announced however it’s believed the iWatch will hit the market within the next year, Samsung would assumedly follow as close to the heels as Apple as possible.


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