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Samsung Galaxy S4 Announcement Expected

Rumours of the latest Samsung smartphone are beginning to fly, suggesting the Galaxy S4 may be announced within in the next few hours.

Following the S3’s global domination of the smartphone market, rivalling the iPhone at 40 million handsets worldwide, Samsung are expected to reveal the latest product in their smartphone range shortly. Predictions and suggestions are that the revelation will be the Galaxy S4, the most advanced model in the Galaxy series.

Analysts have predicted a number of improved features expected to be seen on the Galaxy S4, including the usual camera and processor advances, as well as more features based on the S3’s ‘Smart Stay’ eye tracking tool. The feature is expected to have been developed to recognise eye movement and have the ability to scroll up and down pages with simple eye movements. Samsung applied for trademarks ‘Eye Scroll’ and ‘Eye Pause’ earlier this year, which back up analysts’ predictions.

Images leaked that are assumed to be the Galaxy S4 suggest the handset will come in slightly larger than the S3, which already boasts a 4.8 inch screen, the Galaxy S4 would measure up closer to 5 inches.

Android is the most popular smartphone OS on the market, beating iOS to the top spot. Revenue produced from apps and other iPhone products however still stand at number one. Samsungs dominance in the smartphone and tablet world is obvious, homing 60% of all Android systems. Although labelled as the iPhones biggest rival, Samsung still fall short in the tablet market. Samsung thus far have not guaranteed the brand loyalty that Apple are built on. Some are suggesting that we could see the introduction of a self made Samsung specific app store, much like Amazon has for its own Kindle. This move would be an attempt to see a stronger brand loyalty from Samsung customers.


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