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Scam Virus Shield App removed from Google Play

An app that hit the top spot of the Google Play charts has been removed by Android after discovering it was a scam.

The app for Android, named ‘Virus Shield’ hit the number one spot of the app download charts after more than 10,000 users installed it on their Android smartphones and tablets. However little over a week after its release (March 28th) the app was discovered to perform next to none of the tasks it claimed to.

Virus Shield offered users a simple, affordable antivirus solution for their mobile devices, ridding Android phones and tablets of bugs in apps, files and settings. The app gained a rating of 4.8 in the Google Play store and reached number 1 in the top paid for apps, with the developers earning a tidy US$3.99 per download. The popularity of the app was based on two features boasted by the developers -minimal battery use and no ads, which were genuine features of the app. On closer inspection by Google, the app turned out to do little more than change icon to suggest it was in the process of scanning the device, and performed absolutely none of the claimed scans for viruses and bugs.

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