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The Security of Data in the Cloud is now a Major Concern

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) a non-profit organisation (that recommends best practice for securing cloud data and cloud computing practices) believe the level of security of data in the cloud should be a cause of concern.

These concerns were raised when they conducted a survey titled ‘Cloud Adoption, Practices and Priorities Survey Report’. In this report, the CSA surveyed over 200 IT and security professionals with over 72% admitting they “did not know the number of shadow IT apps within their organization, but certainly want to”. Over 61% of companies commented that the issues relating to the security of data in the cloud has moved from their IT departments to their boardrooms.

Jim Reavis, CEO of the CSA has commented that “as companies move data to the cloud, they are looking to put in place policies and processes so that employees can take advantage of cloud services that drive business growth without compromising the security, compliance, and governance of corporate data.” He went on to add that “we hope that this report provides companies with some good peer insight so that they can make better decisions to help confidently and responsibly accelerate the use of cloud services in their environment.”

Cloud Integration thoughts

The survey was created to assist understanding “how companies are currently approaching the cloud, including views on Shadow IT, obstacles preventing cloud adoption, and security priorities”. It also looked at “how IT teams are balancing the need to partner with business users to enable them with SaaS apps while also enforcing corporate security, compliance, and governance policies”.

With 74% of those asked confirming they are actively looking into or have already incorporated Cloud usage into their companies, 34% “indicated that a lack of knowledge and experience on the part of IT and business managers was a main reason for slow or lack of adoption”.

It was confirmed that most business users regularly demand cloud services, with 57% of respondents indicating they receive between one and 10 new cloud service requests each month. However, 62% of respondents confirmed that they do not block cloud services.

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