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Shopping CartSetting up a web shop so your business can sell online can be straightforward and very beneficial to your company. is one of the largest ecommerce sites in the world, but like many companies, Dell started selling its products offline before realising the internet’s potential.

So, is ecommerce right for your business?

Why sell online?

Even if you already have a company website, you could see lots of benefits from setting up an ecommerce website to sell online:

  • Find new customers. If you don’t already have a website, building an ecommerce site makes it easier for customers to find you.
  • Widen your reach. A web shop allows you to take orders from around the world, not just your local area.
  • Boost profits. Your new customers should increase profits – especially as web shop overheads tend to be low.

However, building an ecommerce website isn’t without problems. Although you can take security precautions, there is a risk of fraud. You also need to establish how your online operation fits with other sales channels. For instance, are you going to charge the same prices online as you do in store?

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