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Siri goes to Court

A Chinese company have taken Apple to court in an attempt to sue the international tech giant for infringing one of its patents.

Shanghai Zhizhen Network Technology has claimed that Apples friendly assistant Siri breaches copyright laws. The company claims that they patented the idea back in 2004, long before Siri became the iPhone user’s best iFriend.

Unlike most patenting cases, Zhizhen is not suing for a large pay out, they simply want Apple to stop manufacturing products with Siri. Apples defence is that although the two systems have similar outcomes, the underlying technology is different enough to distinguish each as a completely separate system.

Zhizhen are not the first and will not be the last company to take Apple to court, however this case does differ as usually a multimillion dollar pay-out is the settlement – loose change for the biggest technology company in the world!


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