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Skorpion Charger Scans for Mobile Malware

Skorpion dashboard

Security start up Kaprica Security and established electronics supplier Belkin have collaborated to manufacture the Skorpion smartphone charger, a charger that detects mobile malware.

The Skorpion works by analysing system files without accessing the operating system, processor or memory. This allows for the charger to detect any defects without the operating system or any other component disguising or blocking the information reaching the Skorpion. Following the initial scan, a deep scan is performed. This takes approximately 6 minutes to complete and offers a more in depth scan to detect any malicious changes that may have been made to the operating system. Once detected, the charger can send a notification to a nominated administrator and also repair the flaw by reverting back to a previous version or time when the phone wasn’t compromised.

Skorpion reports its findings via a red or green light to indicate if malware is present. The charger runs locally and only requires a network connection, made via the device, when installing updates.

The charger is thought to become useful in business where more employees BYOD (bring your own device). The admin dashboard can report on numerous devices, showing IT admins which of their employees devices may be compromised, being able to act fast could reduce if not eliminate the risk of cyber breach.

The Skorpion charger is expected to be initially compatible with Android devices, the most targeted OS by mobile malware.


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