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Smartphone Antivirus

EE, Orange and T-Mobile are to install Lookout Antivirus software as standard on certain Android devices.

From 2013, users in Slovakia, France, Spain and the UK will be able to purchase devices with built in Antivirus. The free version of the software will already be automatically installed on some Samsung, HTC and Sony smartphones and tablets to add extra protection against spyware and malware targeted at smartphones by scanning apps, files and attachments. The antivirus also scans numbers dialled directly from mobile sites. Which models will include the software have not yet been announced, but the Sony XperiaT is already being sold with Lookout protection.

The Lookout analysis software is hosted in the cloud to reserve battery life and memory and will protect millions of users worldwide.

A premium version is also available at a monthly cost of $2.99. This upgrade offers real time scanning of all links to protect against the latest threats. Reviews have stated that the free version is worth a download purely for the backup and SignalFire features that allow the device to be found when lost, even when it’s out of battery.

Both versions are available from Google Play store.


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