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Smartphones Represent the Largest IT Risk to Businesses

Good Mobility has reported that smartphones represent the largest IT security risk to business, followed by the increase in the risk associated with third party applications.

Good Mobility combined their data by tracking activations across the breadth of mobile platforms and devices, and leverages findings from the more than 5,000 Good customers worldwide. This was to highlight global smartphone mobility trends and usage patterns.

Although organisations cited security as their biggest concern for 2014, the rise of smartphone mobility as the corresponding increase in productivity is too great to forgo for most companies.

Vice President of product marketing at Good Technology John Dasher commented that the world was at a point where you could do certain things faster on a mobile device than on a desktop and that “data was put at risk because smartphones were so powerful it was often easier for employees to use mobile devices for work tasks, rather than PCs”

Overall, secure enterprise app activations continued to grow at 57 percent quarter over quarter, up from 54 percent and 43 percent growth from the last two quarters respectively.

Many businesses are taking notice however – and insisting that employees use “managed” smartphones in the workplace and are incorporating a Mobile Device Management (MDM) or Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy.

We have extensive experience in supervising our clients MDM and BYOD procedures and have successfully combined many of our client’s employees and their work activities with their personal devices in a secure and professional capacity. For more information how this could benefit your company, please contact us.


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