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SmartWig – What Next?!


Wearable technology looks to be the next venture for Sony, the Japanese company that used to dominate the consumer electronics market.

Now Sony is making moves to put themselves back at the top alongside Apple and Samsung. An attempt to make a mark on the wearable technology scene, Sony has patented the SmartWig, a wearable device that could connect to other devices wirelessly and process data. The idea of the wig is to combine fashion and comfort with technology and to meet the increasing demand to be connected to the internet or a network for everything we do.

Wearable technology has begun to appear on the commercial market, with devices like Google Glass and Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch hitting the shelves in the last year. Sony has made a few suggestions as to how a SmartWig could be used, one idea suggests that the healthcare sector could benefit from a SmartWig that has the ability to measure temperature, pulse and blood pressure not only in one consolidated device, but also in a comfortable and discreet fashion. The discretion was a point Sony focussed on, suggesting the intelligence industry could also benefit from a hidden device that has the ability to record, process and store date whilst appearing invisible to the eye.

For everyday use Sony has made numerous suggestions as to what the wig could be used for, including locating the user using a front camera that can sense and identify surroundings, Sony also suggested that ultrasound waves could also be used to detect objects and identify a location. The wig could therefore be used for navigation.

No official decisions or announcements have been made by Sony on how to or if it will commercialise the SmartWig, but with the patent in place, wearable technology could be taken to a whole new level.


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