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Speed up your Systems

Did you know that on average we lose 5 days a year waiting for our computers to start up?!

Often this is blamed on viruses and malware slowing our systems down, but this isn’t always the case. The main causes of slowing systems can often be simple to resolve …

Keeping your systems cool is an essential tip for ensuring your computer runs to its full potential. Clean your unit with an air duster (compressed air) to ensure that air is flowing freely to all the essential elements.

We say it every time, but keeping programmes up to date will allow your computer to run up to speed as best as possible. Try setting your machine to update automatically to save you time. Of course saying this means that the best way to ensure you get the fastest systems is to upgrade to the most recent operating system, Windows 8 have the capability to run considerably faster than Windows 7 no matter how much cleaning up you do.

Still got that video editing software installed that you used once in 2008? Remove it! Having a spring clean of your software will free up hard drive space and speed up your processes significantly.

There are tools available within Windows that are there to help you keep your systems running fast, use them! Disk Cleanup functions in Windows could gain you a few Gb and the defragment tool could get things running even faster. Windows 7 users benefit from a feature called Windows Experience. This tool can help indicate which component is slowing down your machine. Your RAM, processor etc will be rated, the lower the number the worse the problem. Use these indicators to focus your clean up.

Another interruption for slow start up is automatically opening software. These programs are open ready to start loading before you’ve reached your desktop, stop this by changing the individual settings of each programme to not ‘open on startup’.

All of the above tips could remove days off your start up wait.


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