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Stop Your Bad IT Habits

Despite the warnings many users still put their computers in vulnerable situations through picking up basic but easily avoidable bad IT habits. Some of the most common bad IT habits include…

Ignoring updates
We’re all guilty of clicking the big red X when a box pops up asking to update you Java. The fact is that these boxes are there for a reason and developers all over the globe work for hours to create these updates, not for fun, not because their bored but because without them your systems could be at risk. We say it all the time but, staying up to date is the biggest move you can make to keep your systems secure.

Personalising your browser
Bookmarks, plug ins, auto-fills, saving passwords and tabbing web pages are all steps we take to make out browsers a familiar place to navigate. These steps might make our days easier but don’t forget that if an attacker is going to gain access to your computer, it’s highly likely it’ll be through this browsing window, so by storing all your personal details, passwords, sites you visit regularly you’re painting a clear picture and giving an attacker a clean and easy way into your online world.

Self Promotion
Giving yourself admin rights could save you time when wanting to install software on and update your device. Remember that if you have admin rights to make these changes so will the hacker who gains access to your desktop. Make their job harder, if not impossible by implementing restrictions. Your system administrator will be able to easily give you temporary rights or make installations and updates for you.

Try downgrading your admin rights, removing saved passwords and auto-fills and keep up to date to ensure the safety of your systems and data.


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