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Tablets will be the death of the Netbook

Experts have predicted that the Netbook will be virtually extinct within the next year.

The compact laptop that made browsing whilst on the go a more accessible and enjoyable task has seen sales begin dwindle since the tablet revolution. Sales of Netbooks peaked in 2010 with 32 million units being sold worldwide, but saw a drastic drop to little over 20 million the following year.

There is a direct correlation between the dropping sales figures of Netbooks and the release of tablet computers, with the first iPad being released in 2010. Both devices offered a light, economic option for on the go computing, but the Netbook was essentially a mini laptop that performed most tasks competently but lacked the memory, display spec and speed to work effectively as business computer. Tablets however offered a new, rapid, flexible and somewhat ‘cooler’ method of on the go browsing.

As the sales of netbooks plummet to a predicted bleak zero in 2015, iPad sales alone continue to soar. At the end of 2012 Apple reported that since its release in 2010 the iPad had sold over 100 million units worldwide.


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