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Spoofed Emails

In the last few months, the team at Signal Networks have seen a dramatic rise in the number and sophistication of spoofed emails being sent. It’s vital that organisations stay aware of spoofed emails and have the correct procedures in place should one get past your security procedures due to human error. Spoofed emails are malicious emails sent by spammers but with a disguise on them. This disguise is a masquerade to trick users into believing it’s been sent from a reputable source when in fact, it’s an unknown and harmful source. Usually spoofed emails are sent from email addresses…


Heuristic or Signature based Malware Detection

In the world of virus definitions there are two ways an application can spot a virus using malware detection:  Signature Based: where an application has been given samples of code specific to the malicious software Heuristic Based: where an application has been told what applications do in the past to spot malicious software Imagine a door man at the local night club. He has been told not to let in specific people. Hes been told not to let in John, Bob or Sam as they are trouble makers but everyone else can get through. This is an example of signature…


Email Management Tool Google Inbox Released

Google have unveiled a new email management tool titled Google Inbox which promises to revolutionise the way consumers handle and organise their emails. Google say the app is ‘built on everything we learned from Gmail’ and is a ‘fresh start that goes beyond email’ to help users get back ‘to what matters’. It does this through a host of features including categorising specific types of emails together to streamline how emails are viewed. The user can create their own bundles or use the template ones provided.   Another feature of the Google Inbox app is that the key content of specific…


Gmail and Yahoo Creating Unbreakable Encryption

Two of the world’s biggest email providers, Gmail and Yahoo, are working on an encrypted email service, so secure that even the creators can’t break into it. The system aims to make it impossible for governments and hackers to access personal emails, a feature that has become a globally campaigned for service since the exposure of spying by the NSA opened the worlds eyes to the importance of a fully private email service. The encryption service will be offered to Gmail and Yahoo email address owners as an optional extra. The PGP encryption will run as a local plug in,…


Sell Hack Plug-in Exposes LinkedIn Emails

A free plug-in available in Google Chrome is to be taken to court by LinkedIn over privacy and security concerns. ‘Sell Hack’ is a Chrome extension, supposedly created for marketing professionals, that reveals the email addresses of users. The plug-in works by installing a ‘hack in’ button to LinkedIn profiles, users can then view the email address registered with that account, a feature that users have not agreed to via LinkedIn’s privacy policy. LinkedIn is taking legal action against Sell Hack for exposing user’s personal information without their consent. In the meantime it is advised that any users of Sell…


Microsoft Alters Its Email Privacy Policies

Microsoft has made some changes to its email privacy policies declaring it vows not to read users private emails without their consent. Microsoft has said it will turn to law enforcement before it proceeds to read users emails in the future. The changes to Microsoft email privacy policies are effective immediately with the company announcing though its blog that “in the coming months we will incorporate this change in our customer terms of service, so that it’s clear to consumers and binding on Microsoft.” The blog post indicated that Microsoft was changing the email privacy policies to reflect a “post-Snowden…


UK Privacy Watchdog Probes ‘Likely Breach’ in BT Email Fail

BT is under investigation by the UK’s data authority after an unnamed source claimed the company “exposed user credentials en masse” when customer email accounts were likely to have been compromised by spammers. In May 2013, BT moved its services away from Yahoo/ Mail in favour of a white label product from Critical Path Inc siting they are “always looking to improve and develop products and services”. In December 2013, an employee of Critical Path Inc (which was brought by Openwave Messaging in 2013) claimed to the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) that a variety of data issues had arisen…


Google+ users to show in Gmail

Google has announced plans to allow Gmail email addresses of Google+ users to be visible to other users via their email platform. The changes would mean that any Google+ user could contact any other Google+ user directly to and from their respective Gmail accounts, without any form of prior contact or consent from the recipient. The sender could search for any name and all relevant Google+ users would appear as if they were saved contacts. Google claims that the new feature will make connecting with friends easier, however many have expressed concerns surrounding security. Google have reassured users that their…

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