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Gmail and Yahoo Creating Unbreakable Encryption

Two of the world’s biggest email providers, Gmail and Yahoo, are working on an encrypted email service, so secure that even the creators can’t break into it. The system aims to make it impossible for governments and hackers to access personal emails, a feature that has become a globally campaigned for service since the exposure of spying by the NSA opened the worlds eyes to the importance of a fully private email service. The encryption service will be offered to Gmail and Yahoo email address owners as an optional extra. The PGP encryption will run as a local plug in,…


Ultra-secure Blackphone Handset on Sale

A new ultra-secure Android phone called the Blackphone has recently gone on sale offering heightened encryption and security features. The Blackphone comes installed with encrypted video, voice and text communications. This intensified level of protection restricts any unknown intruding outsiders including Government agencies. Although the device was initially announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in early 2014, it is set to go on sale in July 2014. The Blackphone has been designed and developed by the Spanish smartphone manufacturers Geeksphone and Silent Circle, a secure communications firm founded by inventors of PGP encryption. Toby Weir-Jones, CEO of SGP Technologies said…


ESET Discovers Android File-Encrypting Ransomware

Ever wondered why we recommend ESET to our clients? It’s not just because it is the only antivirus never to have missed an in the wild virus, it’s because ESET is proactive in all areas of security and has a fantastic in-house research team to keep them up to date on the latest threats. Only the other week one of ESET‘s engineers discovered the mobile Trojan, Android/Simplock. This latest threat is a file-encrypting ransomware for Android phones. Once it has been downloaded it scans the SD card for certain types of files (any of the following image, document or video…


50% of Security Professionals Do Not Use Encyrption

A survey carried out on attendees at Infosec 2014 revealed 50% of security professionals do not use encryption when it comes to USB sticks or portable hard drives.  In addition 50% of them do not bother to secure data on portable devices. What may surprise you even further however is that 91% of them said they were concerned about the damage of a data spillage for their organisation and two thirds of them were aware a careless breach of data could potentially face a heavy find of up to £50,000 from the ICO. It’s reported that lost portable devices are…


Linux Screensharing Made Possible with Desktop

RealVNC has announced that its free-to-use computer screen sharing application for Social Media is now available for the first time on Linux systems. The app can be used through Facebook allowing users to share their screen with Facebook friends. RealVNC have also said that Desktop can be used for collaboration, sharing private information and training between others on Windows or Mac. Desktop works by prompting two people wanting to temporarily share screens by running a small software program that automatically establishes an encrypted connection together through the internet. If either person disconnects, both original clients are automatically deleted leaving no…


Microsoft 2048 Encryption for 365, Outlook & SkyDrive

Microsoft has upped its efforts protect UK customers from potential government snooping by aiming to offer customers enhanced encryption in Outlook, SkyDrive, Office 365 and Windows Azure by the end of 2014. Microsoft will also be implementing PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy) along with 2048 bit encryption. The PFS ensures that data remains encrypted irrelevant of decryption keys and methods. Transparency is also a key feature that Microsoft wants to work on over the next year. By offering more transparency behind its own code, Microsoft plans on being able to prove that there is no back door entry  access being granted…


ESET partners up with DESlock Encryption for Enhanced Protection

Antivirus provider ESET has teamed up with DESlock encryption to provide antivirus protection with a compatible encryption service. The new partnership will offer a seamless solution to a wide variety of existing and new clients. DESLock offers a user friendly, reliable encryption service to SME’s and large enterprises to protect against data breaches and leaks. The three DESlock encryption services will now be available through ESET to offer an integrated antivirus and encryption service from one provider. The product is available in three versions – Essentials, Standard and Pro Edition. The DESlock encryption product will offer users encryption of full…

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