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ESET Smart Security Version 9

ESET have recently released version 9 of their ESET Smart Security software making it even safer for a user to go online. Users of ESET Smart Security (the internet security software) can enjoy enhanced benefits including safer banking and online payments with additional botnet protection. Features include: New Banking and Payment Protection A special secured browser through which you can safely pay online Automatically protects you on Internet banking sites Encrypts the communication between the keyboard and the browser for safer transactions Protects you from key-loggers Enhanced Botnet Protection Added layer of security that protects against botnet malware – preventing your…


It’s Not Always About Flashy Security Widgets

At Signal Networks, we believe basic security ‘hygiene’ is a must for any organisation whatever their size, location or budget. Ensuring your business is up-to-date and actively protecting itself from any hackers or opportunists needs to be a standard practice that is constantly maintained. In the same way you’d brush your teeth for a few minutes every day, you need to be protecting your IT network from security threats for a few minutes every day. These steps do not need to take up all of your time, and in some instances, once you’ve put the groundwork in place, they can…


ESET Discovers Android File-Encrypting Ransomware

Ever wondered why we recommend ESET to our clients? It’s not just because it is the only antivirus never to have missed an in the wild virus, it’s because ESET is proactive in all areas of security and has a fantastic in-house research team to keep them up to date on the latest threats. Only the other week one of ESET‘s engineers discovered the mobile Trojan, Android/Simplock. This latest threat is a file-encrypting ransomware for Android phones. Once it has been downloaded it scans the SD card for certain types of files (any of the following image, document or video…


Keeping Windows XP Secure

Today marks an end of an era for Windows XP, the 12 year old operating system that has dominated the last decade is being laid to rest by Microsoft, no longer offering support or updates despite many computers still relying on the outdated operating system. So what do you do if you’re still using XP? The best option is to upgrade, after all Windows have given users a year’s warning, but if upgrading to Windows 7 or 8 hasn’t been possible then there are other steps you can take to protect your systems… Firstly, ensure your computer is fully up…


ESET partners up with DESlock Encryption for Enhanced Protection

Antivirus provider ESET has teamed up with DESlock encryption to provide antivirus protection with a compatible encryption service. The new partnership will offer a seamless solution to a wide variety of existing and new clients. DESLock offers a user friendly, reliable encryption service to SME’s and large enterprises to protect against data breaches and leaks. The three DESlock encryption services will now be available through ESET to offer an integrated antivirus and encryption service from one provider. The product is available in three versions – Essentials, Standard and Pro Edition. The DESlock encryption product will offer users encryption of full…

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