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Google to Introduce USB Two-Factor Authentication Security Key Tool

The internet search company Google has recently unveiled a new two-factor authentication tool for its services, known as Security Key – “a physical USB second factor that only works after verifying the login site is truly a Google website.” The two-factor verification Security Key works in conjunction with a user signing into their Google account as usual and being asked for a second level of authentication such as a code sent by the usual methods (text, voice call or through their mobile app). However, this can now also be done using a Security Key USB which would plug into the…


Email Management Tool Google Inbox Released

Google have unveiled a new email management tool titled Google Inbox which promises to revolutionise the way consumers handle and organise their emails. Google say the app is ‘built on everything we learned from Gmail’ and is a ‘fresh start that goes beyond email’ to help users get back ‘to what matters’. It does this through a host of features including categorising specific types of emails together to streamline how emails are viewed. The user can create their own bundles or use the template ones provided.   Another feature of the Google Inbox app is that the key content of specific…


Google to Acquire JetPac

Google has announced that is has brought the smart travel guide app start-up called JetPac for an undisclosed amount. The JetPac app is a free application that allows users to discover new places and be guided by “local recommendations for over 6,000 cities all around the world, from San Francisco to Kathmandu”.  JetPac works by its users up voting places and images shared through Instagram. It’s algorithm allows users to group specific photos into categories. From these categories, the user can then see where specific people have been spotted; for example, business travellers can search for those in business attire and…


Gmail and Yahoo Creating Unbreakable Encryption

Two of the world’s biggest email providers, Gmail and Yahoo, are working on an encrypted email service, so secure that even the creators can’t break into it. The system aims to make it impossible for governments and hackers to access personal emails, a feature that has become a globally campaigned for service since the exposure of spying by the NSA opened the worlds eyes to the importance of a fully private email service. The encryption service will be offered to Gmail and Yahoo email address owners as an optional extra. The PGP encryption will run as a local plug in,…


Google Rankings to Prioritise Secure Websites First

Soon, websites that feature HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) encryption by default will be featured higher in Google rankings than those websites without it. The search engine website Google announced this news in a recent blog post which was focused on the security of its future products and services. In this blog post Google commented that “security is a top priority for Google” and that they are “working to make the Internet safer more broadly”. Google is described by Wikipedia as a website that “hunts for text in publicly accessible documents offered by web servers, as opposed to other data, such as…


Driverless Cars to be on UK roads in 2015

The UK government are offering cities a fund of £10million to allow driverless cars to be tested on their roads. Automated driverless cars have been restricted to use on private roads until now, fears over safety and issues surrounding legalities and insurance have so far prevented cars developed by Audi, Lexus, Nissan, Toyota and Volvo to be tested on real life UK public roads. The government are now tempting cities to become the testing centre for self-driving cars with a huge £10million fund being backed by the department for Transport and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. The government are…


Google Adwords Targeting Parents

Google Adwords can now be used to target parents for marketing purposes. The new feature allows businesses who use Google Adwords to select the ‘parent’ demographic from an array of attributes such as gender or age. Although this new feature hasn’t officially been released to the public, trial versions have been issued to a select number of people. Larry Kim the CEO of Wordstream was one of the first people to trial the new version and spoke about it through a LinkedIn post titled ‘Has Google Gone Too Far’? Larry Kim however, isn’t a fan of the new features stating “How…


Kill Switch for Android and Windows Phones

Android and Windows have announced that they will be adding a ‘Kill Switch’ feature to the next version of their phone operating systems. When activated, the kill switch will make the phone completely useless as a deterrent to theft. Many authorities have been requesting that technology companies come up with ways to limit phone theft with Samsung and Apple also offering a similar kill switch feature to their devices. Some experts have expressed concern at how effect this kill switch feature will be. They have argued that if the phone is put into aeroplane mode, it may not receive the…


Google Accepting Delete Me Requests

Last week the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled that Google and other search engine providers can be ordered to accept delete me requests by the public. These delete me requests can be submitted by anyone in the public who wants Google and other search engine providers to forget them by removing search results referring to their names. The Court ruled on Google’s appeal against a decision of the Spanish data protection authority. They ordered that any search engine provider must examine such requests thoroughly to determine if the information displayed about the person is still relevant. If…


Google Buys Titan Aerospace

Google has recently announced that they have heavily invested in the solar-powered drone company Titan Aerospace. Last month, it was mentioned that Facebook was interested in the 20-person drone that is designed and owned by Titan Aerospace; however Google have now announced that they have brought it for an undisclosed amount. Both Facebook and Google have started investing into companies that produce products designed with the future in mind. Facebook freshly purchased Ascenta, a UK based company that manufactures solar-powered unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) for $20 Million and now Google has done the same with Titan Aerospace. Whilst the procurement…

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