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Important: Update Adobe Flash Now

UPDATE- After this article was published, Flash re-released another updated version . This can be found by clicking here.   Users have been advised to update Adobe Flash as soon as possible following the discovery of a Neutrino exploit kit that is using a Flash Zero-day exploit. This exploit was revealed during the recent hacking of a company called ‘Hacking Team’ who “sells malware and spyware technology to governments and law enforcement and intelligence agencies”. Hacking Team were hit by an unknown user/s on 6/7/15 who took control of their Twitter page and posted links to a torrent file containing over 400GB…


Lenovo forced to remove Hidden Adware called Superfish

The computer manufacturer company Lenovo has been forced to remove hidden adware called Superfish after users complained it was automatically installed on their PC’s and laptops when they purchased them. The hidden adware called Superfish has been revealed as a piece of software that injects adverts onto a browser using techniques similar to spam adware (through man in the middle attacks). Lenovo have stated that Superfish was originally designed to help users find products by visually analysing images on the web in order to find the cheapest ones.  It did this by ‘redirecting’ web traffic using bogus, self-signed, root certificates…


LizardSquad disrupt Facebook, Instagram and Tinder causing Social Media Outage

It has been highly rumoured that LizardSquad have caused a disruption to Facebook, Instagram, Tinder AIM and Hipchat causing a short term social media outage. LizardSquad are a hacker group who target specific organisations and websites ‘because they can’ and to show weaknesses in the attacked networks. The group have recently been showcasing their ‘talents’ and have claimed responsibility for hacks to Malaysia Airlines, the Sony PlayStaion Network, and Microsoft Xbox Live Network and EA Games with rumours they were also responsible for the attack on North Korea. Their usual hacking methods include DDoS (denial-of-service) attacks where they use numbers and brute force…


51 UPS Branches Data Stolen

UPS has been subjected to an attack by hackers, who have stolen various American UPS branches data. The attack has affected 51 franchises across 24 states where UPS’s clients’ names, postal addresses, email addresses and payment card information was unlawfully obtained by hackers in a large scale attack designed to target various retailers in America. Although 51 UPS branches have had their data stolen, it only amounts to 1% of the “4,470 franchised centre locations throughout the United States”. As these centres are franchised out and not wholly owned by UPS, it is within the individual franchise’s interests and responsibility to…


Man-in-the-Middle Smart TV Hacking

Researchers have discovered that millions of Smart TV’s may have been taken over in a man-in-the-middle style security attack. Angelos Keromytis and Yossef Oren, two researchers from the University of Colombia have found that many Smart TV’s could be hacked into using a cheap antenna to broadcast messages. It completes this through insecurities in the Hybrid Broadcast-Broadband Television Standard (HbbTV), which now features on millions of internet-connected TVs after being introduced two years ago. The researches have released a paper detailing that the standard is vulnerable to a “large-scale exploitation technique” that is “remarkably difficult to detect”. It doesn’t require any large expenses…


Ebay Urges Users to Change Their Passwords

Ebay has emailed all of its users and requested they change their passwords after a cyber-attack compromised its systems. The Online Marketplace website confirmed in a press release that the company had been hacked between late February and early March 2014 with hackers targeting encrypted passwords and non-financial data. The company has commented that it has had no evidence that there has been any unauthorised activity to its members accounts in relation to this attack. Despite this, Ebay has sent out an email to all of its users advising them to change their passwords and that it would be “best practice…


Five Tips to Prevent Online Identity Theft

The news is constantly filled with reports of online identity theft and internet hackings, yet it shouldn’t be a reason to stop you using the internet. With the right preventions set up such as firewalls, spam filtering and a bit of common sense, the Internet shouldn’t be something to fear. Here are five effective ways you can reduce your risk of online identity theft and stay safe when using the internet: 1. Minimalise how much sensitive data you send across public Wi-Fi networks As Europool recently warned, you shouldn’t trust free Wi-Fi providers to have security protocols in place that protects…


Bitcoin CEO Web Accounts Hacked

The CEO of Bitcoin, Mark Karpeles has recently been the target of hackers who took control of several of his web accounts. The hackers gained access to Mr Karpeles personal blog and Reddit account in order to gain detailed information about trading activity at Mt Gox. Mt Gox, the trading exchange of Bitcoin, has recently been in the news for filing for bankruptcy after it was discovered the company had lost “nearly half a billion dollars’ worth of virtual Bitcoins due to a hack on its faulty computer system”. After hacking Mr Karpeles accounts, they shared their finding (which included…


University of Maryland Targeted By Hackers

The University of Maryland has recently been under a ‘sophisticated’ database attack, exposing more than 309,000 student and staff records. The data stolen included birth dates, names, university numbers and social security numbers for people affiliated with the university’s College Park and Shady Grove campuses since 1998. According to a statement from the University of Maryland, financial, health and academic information was not exposed. The cause of the breach is currently unknown but there is an active investigation underway. The university’s president Wallace D. Loh has stated “computer forensic investigators are examining the breached files and logs to determine how…


Biggest DDoS Attack In China

China is reported to have fallen victim to its biggest hack to date. The DDoS attack in China happened yesterday and brought many sites with the .cn domain down leaving many business without access to their company website as well as other complex issues. The compromise used the distributed denial of service technique to disrupt servers hosting .cn sites by flooding them with unmanageable amounts of traffic. As a result a number of Chinas popular sites became unavailable. The DDoS attack in China was first reported on China’s Internet Network Information Centre website and quickly spread to other news sites around the…

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