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Acunetix Web Application Vulnerability Report 2015

Acunetix have released their 2015 Web Application Vulnerability report which has aggregated the findings of over 15,000 scans performed from around 1.9 million files between a 12 month period between 2014 – 2015. Their report details an increase in web application vulnerabilities “posing serious threats to organizations’ overall security posture, such as data loss or alteration, system down-time, loss of reputation and severe fines from the regulators”. Data was taken from a random sample of 5,500 users of ‘Acunetix Online Vulnerability Scanner’ who have successfully scanned at least one scan target, out of a possible 18,000 subscribers. Signal Networks and…


Security Issues for Jeep and Land Rover Owners

Owners of Jeep and Land Rover cars have had a shock this week with news reports highlighting security issues within both manufacturers’ cars specifically Jeep’s Cherokee and Land Rover’s Range Rover Sport models. Jaguar Land Rover announced that their security issues could result in the cars doors being locked and unlocked without the owner’s consent (one instance reported this happened whilst the car was moving). Land Rover has assured the public that no accidents or injuries have happened because of this glitch. Over 65,000 affected owners of the Range Rover Sport model will be notified that they will need to return…


Signal Networks Joins Bit9 + Carbon Black Connect Alliance Program as a Managed Services Security Provider (MSSP) Partner

Signal Networks, one of the UK’s leading IT support providers, today announced it has joined the “Bit9 + Carbon Black Connect” Alliance Program as an MSSP partner. Bit9® + Carbon Black® is the leader in endpoint threat prevention, detection and response. As a “Connect” MSSP partner, Signal Networks uses Carbon Black to help its customers remediate cyber attacks and breaches. As the Signal Networks team identifies malicious files used to execute an attack, they use Carbon Black to pinpoint each endpoint and server on which malware has landed and reveal the entire “kill chain” of the attack, so responders can…


Car Manufacturers Unprepared against Security Breaches to Cars

With the increase in the amount of technology provided in cars, it’s been noted that most car manufactures are in fact unprepared for the rise in security breaches to cars. Most car manufactures incorporate the latest technology in their cars to maximise the users comfort and traveling style. However they don’t fully understand the types and amount of security breaches to cars that can be associated with such technology. This is according to a report generated from the office of U.S Senator Ed Markey titled ‘Tracking and Hacking: Security & Privacy Gaps Put American Drivers at Risk’. Within this report, it…


LizardSquad disrupt Facebook, Instagram and Tinder causing Social Media Outage

It has been highly rumoured that LizardSquad have caused a disruption to Facebook, Instagram, Tinder AIM and Hipchat causing a short term social media outage. LizardSquad are a hacker group who target specific organisations and websites ‘because they can’ and to show weaknesses in the attacked networks. The group have recently been showcasing their ‘talents’ and have claimed responsibility for hacks to Malaysia Airlines, the Sony PlayStaion Network, and Microsoft Xbox Live Network and EA Games with rumours they were also responsible for the attack on North Korea. Their usual hacking methods include DDoS (denial-of-service) attacks where they use numbers and brute force…


Businesses Looking to Hire Official Hackers

KPMG, a Global audit, tax and finance organisation has released a report stating that half of UK companies they surveyed would consider hiring an official hacker to help defend against cyber security attacks even if they held a criminal record for past activities. Cyber security is constantly changing and targeted attacks on businesses are on the rise. Because of this, organisations are trying to keep up with this constantly evolving situation and proactively protect their businesses from security attacks through a variety of methods. One of these methods includes hiring specific individuals who have expertise in protection methods because they have…


The Dangers Of Public Wi-Fi Hotspots

Many establishments successfully entice their customers with free yet public Wi-Fi hotspots without knowing the dangers it can potentially cause. Unknowingly to most users’ connecting through these public Wi-Fi hotspots, they share the connection with anyone else using it in the nearby proximity; this means anyone can high-jack the connection and potentially corrupt it for the other users. Hackers and other security criminals have been known to take advantage of this situation to manipulate and steal data from businesses and individuals working through these public Wi-Fi hotspots. The size of attacks can range from targeting specific users to national organisations. A…


Kaspersky Discovers Major Windows XP and Windows 2003 Vulnerability Called Epic Turla

The Russian security company Kasperskys has discovered a large vulnerability called Epic Turla that targets Windows XP and Windows 2003 computers. Epic Turla has already infected several hundreds of computers in over 45 countries and the sophisticated attacks are still ongoing. Kasperski has discovered that many of these infected computers are connected to Government institutions, education and research constitutions and foreign Embassies. The security company commented that “over the last 10 months, Kaspersky Lab researchers have analysed a massive cyber-espionage operation which we call ‘Epic Turla”. The Epic Turla attacks started their process by using two zero-day exploits which focused on Microsoft…


University of Maryland Targeted By Hackers

The University of Maryland has recently been under a ‘sophisticated’ database attack, exposing more than 309,000 student and staff records. The data stolen included birth dates, names, university numbers and social security numbers for people affiliated with the university’s College Park and Shady Grove campuses since 1998. According to a statement from the University of Maryland, financial, health and academic information was not exposed. The cause of the breach is currently unknown but there is an active investigation underway. The university’s president Wallace D. Loh has stated “computer forensic investigators are examining the breached files and logs to determine how…


Report Suggests a Medical NHS Database Could Pose Confidentiality Risks

The Telegraph have obtained a copy of an NHS internally produced report detailing the risks in patient confidentiality should a new record NHS Database be produced. The controversial database could be vulnerable to hackers who might obtain identity to patients and maliciously corrupt the system. The report suggests that collating information about patients could provide an easy route for those with nefarious intent to ‘maliciously’ access patent information to identify illnesses, vital statistics and medication. The NHS is notifying all 26 million households in England of its plans to set up the £50m NHS database scheme with an option…

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