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How Anonymous Are Anonymous Proxies ?

Anonymous proxies are often used when an internet user wishes to makes their activity online untraceable. It works by using a “proxy server computer that acts as an intermediary and privacy shield between a client computer and the rest of the Internet. It accesses the Internet on the user’s behalf, protecting personal information by hiding the client computer’s identifying information”. However, these anonymous proxies are not always anonymous, depending on your perspective. Whilst using these anonymous proxy sites, you can navigate to alternate sites under the IP address of the proxy, essentially disguising you from the site you want to view….


Samsung to Make Five Times Faster Wi-Fi

Samsung have designed a mechanism that enables consumers to have up to five times faster Wi-Fi. This Mechanism comes in the form of 60GHz Wi-Fi technology that will bridge the gap between theoretical and actual Wi-Fi speeds. this will enable faster Wi-Fi that can be increased up to five times what is currently available. Samsung announced this development on Samsung Tomorrow commenting that the 60GHz Wi-Fi technology will “enables data transmission speeds of up to 4.6Gbps, or 575MB per second, a five-fold increase from 866Mbps, or 108MB per second, the maximum speed possible with existing consumer electronics devices.” They went on…


Technology Companies Protest Against Net Neutrality with ‘Go-Slow’ Protest

Some of the World’s largest technology companies took part in a go-slow protest yesterday aimed at showing how the internet would look if regulators caved in to big cable companies on net neutrality. On Wednesday 10/9/14, a large amount of the internet went into a go-slow protest over proposals that could create fast web lanes for some companies by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) if it was to overturn “net neutrality” rules. Some of the companies that took part in the go-slow protest included “Netflix, Etsy, FourSquare, KickStarter, Mozilla, Reddit, PornHub and Vimeo”. These websites pretested by installing a widget on…


Internet Explorer 8 Support Due to End in January 2016

On January 12th 2016, Microsoft will withdraw its support for Internet Explorer 8 leaving users who operate on the internet browser, vulnerable and insecure. After this date, Microsoft will only be providing support for the following Internet models: Windows Vista SP2 and Windows Server 2008 SP2: Internet Explorer 9 Windows Server 2012: Internet Explorer 10 Windows 7 SP1, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Windows 8.1, and Windows Server 2012 R2: Internet Explorer 11 This leaves users of Internet Explorer 8 with 18 months to upgrade to a new version. In a recent blog post, Microsoft commented that “after January 12,…


FASTER Fibre Cable to be built under the Pacific Ocean

Some of the World’s largest telecommunication companies have partnered together to build a fibre cable called FASTER under the Pacific Ocean between the US and Japan. The six companies involved in the FASTER project are Google, China Mobile, China Telecom, Global Transit, SingTel and KDDI with NEC Corporation as the system supplier. The companies have agreed that the FASTER network will connect between Chikura and Shima in Japan and the West Coast of US covering San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle. FASTER is expected to cost approximately $300 Million but is being built to address “the intense traffic demands…


Kaspersky Discovers Major Windows XP and Windows 2003 Vulnerability Called Epic Turla

The Russian security company Kasperskys has discovered a large vulnerability called Epic Turla that targets Windows XP and Windows 2003 computers. Epic Turla has already infected several hundreds of computers in over 45 countries and the sophisticated attacks are still ongoing. Kasperski has discovered that many of these infected computers are connected to Government institutions, education and research constitutions and foreign Embassies. The security company commented that “over the last 10 months, Kaspersky Lab researchers have analysed a massive cyber-espionage operation which we call ‘Epic Turla”. The Epic Turla attacks started their process by using two zero-day exploits which focused on Microsoft…


Watchdog Says Switching Broadband is too Expensive

A survey conducted over thousands of Broadband customers has revealed that many UK customers find switching broadband packages too expensive. The Citizens Advice Bureau has revealed that “some people are finding themselves locked into unsuitable broadband contracts or hit by arbitrary cancellation fees when they switch to get a better service.” They calculated that “the average cost was £190 for getting out of a broadband contract, with fees up to £625 reported, in cases from the first six months of the year where cancellation fees were recorded. “ Internet Service Providers disagree however with a spokesman for the Internet Service…


UK Anti-piracy Campaign Launched By ISP’s

Many of the UK’s Internet Service Providers (ISP) have teamed up with representatives from the creative industries to launch an anti-piracy campaign. This new anti-piracy campaign will send alerts to subscribers if they are suspected of committing piracy. As instructed by the Voluntary Copyright Alert Program (Vcap), from 2015, ISP’s will start sending out alerts to their customers if they believe their account may have been used for illegal file sharing. These alerts are only part of a larger scheme that will aim to educate people about copyright, piracy and legal ways to enjoy digital content. Users will receive up…


Emergency Internet and Phone Data Law Passed

The UK Government has issued emergency powers to allow the police to continue to access internet and phone data legally in the UK. The UK Prime Minister David Cameron has secured the baking of the three main parties to ensure the public are protected from “criminals and terrorists” after the European Court of Justice struck down existing powers. Despite opposition from civil liberties campaigners, Cameron has defended the new internet and phone data laws’ citing the act is about maintaining existing capabilities – not introducing new snooping laws. He believes the new law will legally highlight the requirements and standards…


Government Trialling PSNRoam Wi-Fi Standards

The UK Government is trialling a public-sector Wi-Fi standard called PSNRoam to enable workers to connect to any public authority Wi-Fi network automatically. PSNRoam is being led by Surrey County Council and could see the creation of a new Government standard that would allow any device with the relevant certificate to access any public sector organisation’s Wi-Fi network. The Group IT Manager and President of Socitm Nick Roberts said PSNRoam is about “enabling connectivity, which is a bit like internet cafe-style connectivity, over corporate Wi-Fi infrastructure, where traditionally you can’t easily get in – you’ve got to get a certification…

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