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Important: Update Adobe Flash Now

UPDATE- After this article was published, Flash re-released another updated version . This can be found by clicking here.   Users have been advised to update Adobe Flash as soon as possible following the discovery of a Neutrino exploit kit that is using a Flash Zero-day exploit. This exploit was revealed during the recent hacking of a company called ‘Hacking Team’ who “sells malware and spyware technology to governments and law enforcement and intelligence agencies”. Hacking Team were hit by an unknown user/s on 6/7/15 who took control of their Twitter page and posted links to a torrent file containing over 400GB…


Next-generation firewalls

Technology has developed rapidly over the past few years and traditional enterprise network security solutions are no longer able to provide sufficient protection against new, sophisticated attacks.  A next-generation firewall (NGFW) is a network security system able to detect and block such sophisticated attacks by enforcing security policies at the application, port and protocol level. A next generation firewall blends the capabilities of a traditional firewall with features not usually found in firewall products, such as intrusion preventions systems (IPS), SSL and SSH inspection, deep-packet inspection and repudiation-based malware detection as well as application awareness.  In addition, the firewall’s decision-making…

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