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Relationship Dating Apps are Leaking Information

Security experts have warned that most relationship dating apps are leaking information that can be easily picked up by hackers. The main method dating apps are leaking information is through exposing the user’s location to anyone using the app. An example of this is with the app ‘Grinder’ which reveals the users exact location and distance from the user. This can be very precise and can even pinpoint how many feet away the user is. By allowing their data and location to be so open, the users could be susceptible to stalking, harassment or persecution, as well as becoming a…


Ultra-secure Blackphone Handset on Sale

A new ultra-secure Android phone called the Blackphone has recently gone on sale offering heightened encryption and security features. The Blackphone comes installed with encrypted video, voice and text communications. This intensified level of protection restricts any unknown intruding outsiders including Government agencies. Although the device was initially announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in early 2014, it is set to go on sale in July 2014. The Blackphone has been designed and developed by the Spanish smartphone manufacturers Geeksphone and Silent Circle, a secure communications firm founded by inventors of PGP encryption. Toby Weir-Jones, CEO of SGP Technologies said…


Kill Switch for Android and Windows Phones

Android and Windows have announced that they will be adding a ‘Kill Switch’ feature to the next version of their phone operating systems. When activated, the kill switch will make the phone completely useless as a deterrent to theft. Many authorities have been requesting that technology companies come up with ways to limit phone theft with Samsung and Apple also offering a similar kill switch feature to their devices. Some experts have expressed concern at how effect this kill switch feature will be. They have argued that if the phone is put into aeroplane mode, it may not receive the…


Samsung Says British Firms ‘Not Taking Mobile Security Seriously’

Samsung have announced that they believe British firms are not taking mobile security serious enough. This declaration comes from the Research firm of Samsung UK whose study shows that many businesses are striving to encourage employees to work from the office or remotely, with 75% of companies confirming that mobile devices are connection to their network. However, as mobile and flexible working increases, so does the number of security breaches. These mobile security issues are leaving many corporations open and vulnerable to unnecessary risk with over 10% of businesses incurring costs of more than £25,000 due to security incidents in the…


ESET Discovers Android File-Encrypting Ransomware

Ever wondered why we recommend ESET to our clients? It’s not just because it is the only antivirus never to have missed an in the wild virus, it’s because ESET is proactive in all areas of security and has a fantastic in-house research team to keep them up to date on the latest threats. Only the other week one of ESET‘s engineers discovered the mobile Trojan, Android/Simplock. This latest threat is a file-encrypting ransomware for Android phones. Once it has been downloaded it scans the SD card for certain types of files (any of the following image, document or video…

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