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Security Issues for Jeep and Land Rover Owners

Owners of Jeep and Land Rover cars have had a shock this week with news reports highlighting security issues within both manufacturers’ cars specifically Jeep’s Cherokee and Land Rover’s Range Rover Sport models. Jaguar Land Rover announced that their security issues could result in the cars doors being locked and unlocked without the owner’s consent (one instance reported this happened whilst the car was moving). Land Rover has assured the public that no accidents or injuries have happened because of this glitch. Over 65,000 affected owners of the Range Rover Sport model will be notified that they will need to return…


Relationship Dating Apps are Leaking Information

Security experts have warned that most relationship dating apps are leaking information that can be easily picked up by hackers. The main method dating apps are leaking information is through exposing the user’s location to anyone using the app. An example of this is with the app ‘Grinder’ which reveals the users exact location and distance from the user. This can be very precise and can even pinpoint how many feet away the user is. By allowing their data and location to be so open, the users could be susceptible to stalking, harassment or persecution, as well as becoming a…


England’s National Parks to Receive Improved Mobile Phone Coverage

Following an agreement with EE, O2, Three and Vodaphone, England’s national parks are to get an improved mobile phone coverage. The network operators havepledged to minimise the “adverse landscape effects” of any new infrastructure and will be working closely with the National Parks England director to ensure any new masts needed are “sensitively located and sensitively designed”. This agreement is designed to tackle so-called “notspots” – areas in which there is no mobile coverage whatsoever.  It is reported over 330,000 people live in the parks covering almost 10% of England. The National Parks England director said some new masts may…


Ultra-secure Blackphone Handset on Sale

A new ultra-secure Android phone called the Blackphone has recently gone on sale offering heightened encryption and security features. The Blackphone comes installed with encrypted video, voice and text communications. This intensified level of protection restricts any unknown intruding outsiders including Government agencies. Although the device was initially announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in early 2014, it is set to go on sale in July 2014. The Blackphone has been designed and developed by the Spanish smartphone manufacturers Geeksphone and Silent Circle, a secure communications firm founded by inventors of PGP encryption. Toby Weir-Jones, CEO of SGP Technologies said…


Kill Switch for Android and Windows Phones

Android and Windows have announced that they will be adding a ‘Kill Switch’ feature to the next version of their phone operating systems. When activated, the kill switch will make the phone completely useless as a deterrent to theft. Many authorities have been requesting that technology companies come up with ways to limit phone theft with Samsung and Apple also offering a similar kill switch feature to their devices. Some experts have expressed concern at how effect this kill switch feature will be. They have argued that if the phone is put into aeroplane mode, it may not receive the…


Gartner Predicts Mobile Device Purchases Are on the Rise

Gartner has predicted a 7% rise in shipments of mobile device purchases for 2014; this includes mobile phones, tablets and laptops. According to the report, the rise of mobile device purchases is projected to reach 2.5 billion units in 2014 which is a 6.9% rise from 2013. However, traditional PC’s will “continue to hamper the overall growth of devices, and substitution from PC to tablet will decline”. Gartner predicts that “as the overall device market starts to saturate, the increasing pressure on margins will continue, and vendors will look at different ways to cope with the on going issue of…


Happy 10th Birthday Facebook

Today, Facebook celebrates its 10th Birthday. When Mark Zuckerberg launched ‘Thefacebook’ from his Harvard University dorm 10 years ago, it was conceived as a way to connect students and let them build an online profile for themselves. It has since expanded dramatically with more than 1.7 billion users (one seventh of the World’s population) using it on a monthly basis according to the company’s own recent figures. In 2012 when the company turned into a public company investors were sceptical it would be able to create an income based on the mobile market, however it reported this week that more…


Where to Find the World’s Fastest Internet: Top 20

Akamai Technologies have recently published a report stating which countries in the World have the fastest internet connections. The data was compiled by looking at the traffic that flowed through Akamai’s global network from July 2013 to September 2013. Hong Kong South Korea Japan Singapore Israel Romania Latvia Taiwan Netherlands Belgium Switzerland Bulgaria USA Kuwait United Arab Emirates UK Canada Czech Republic Macau Sweden Nearly all of the major Asia-Pacific markets improved their internet connection speeds by 12% compared with the previous year. Asia is utilising their high speed connections with Singapore, Japan and South Korea among the top five countries…


South Korea to develop 5G Network

South Korea’s Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has announced that it is planning to invest $1.5 billion to develop a 5G Network that is set to be 1,000 times faster than 4G Lite and fast enough to allow users to download a full length film (usually around 800-megabyte file) in just 1 second. They expect the return to reach up to $310 billion. They are aiming to roll out a 5G trial version by 2017 and have a commercial version ready by 2020. As well as being fast, the Network will develop new key features including Ultra-HD streaming, hologram…

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