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British Business Threatened by Cyber Security

The body which measures the perceived level of risks concerning British SME’s, the Zurich SME Risk Index, has recorded a rise in concern for the first time in over a year regarding cyber security. In Q4 of 2013 the figure stood at 41.68 rising to 43.9 during Q1 of 2014. The results show that small and medium sized businesses are feeling more threatened than ever by cyber security threats. Of the businesses surveyed the majority of concerns sat in the privacy breach and data loss category, with 33% of companies recognising this as their number one concern. With this in…


Protect Your Business from Zero-day Exploits

Zero-day exploits are attacks that takes advantage of a security vulnerability on the same day that the vulnerability becomes known.  When a potential security issue within a software programme is detected the software company, and on occasion the general public, will be notified so action can be taken. ‘Black hat’ hackers are becoming incredibly sophisticated at finding new vulnerabilities and exploiting them before the software company is able to fix the code and issue a patch or software update. Companies exposed to such exploits should install procedures for early detection. Both Fortinet and Paloalto firewalls provide platforms, leveraged by existing…


21% of UK firms move data out of the USA

According to an independent survey of 300 British and Canadian small businesses (commissioned by Peer 1 Hosting), over a fifth of UK firms and one third of Canadian firms are relocating their information away from US based data centres. This is all because of the NSA intelligence agency scandal revealed by whistle-blower Edward Snowden in 2013. The survey shows a general fear and confusion amongst those questioned with 96% concerned about security and 82% about data privacy. Despite this, many UK and Canadian cloud users expressed a lack of in depth knowledge regarding current data privacy laws. Steve Durbin, Global…


Government launches Cyber Street to help protect SMEs

A new campaign has been launched by the Government advising SMEs how to get ‘cyber streetwise’ and reduce the number of attacks to their business through the internet. The aim is to provide businesses and the public with the skills and knowledge to take control of their cyber security as more and more mobile devices are being used. The Government have created this campaign based on their findings from the National Cyber Security Tracker. They discovered that just 44% of people install internet security software on new equipment, 37% download security updates and only 57% of people say they don’t…

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