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Maximise your iPhone

Try these five tips to maximise your iPhone productivity… Use Bookmarks Set your most frequently visited sites as bookmarks in Safari, when you open a new tab you can select one of your favourites from the grid to save you time searching or typing lengthy URLs. Have an admin day Do some filing! The folder options in iOS are a great way of staying organised and enabling easy access to multiple apps. Rather than scrolling through pages to find the right app you can find all your apps on one single page, saving you time. Optimise Spotlight The spotlight search…


Driverless Cars to be on UK roads in 2015

The UK government are offering cities a fund of £10million to allow driverless cars to be tested on their roads. Automated driverless cars have been restricted to use on private roads until now, fears over safety and issues surrounding legalities and insurance have so far prevented cars developed by Audi, Lexus, Nissan, Toyota and Volvo to be tested on real life UK public roads. The government are now tempting cities to become the testing centre for self-driving cars with a huge £10million fund being backed by the department for Transport and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. The government are…


Samsung Digitally Enhances Your Experience in Illy Coffee Shops

Illy coffee and Samsung have formed a strategic alliance allowing demonstration booths to be on feature in many of the Illy coffee shops. The booths will showcase many of the Samsung tablet range (like the Galaxy Note 10.1) and will come with on-site help through the use of ‘Samsung Angels’ who are able to tutor customers through the gadgets’ features. While the deal suggests Samsung are taking a greater interest in lifestyle tech, YoungHee Lee (Samsung Electronics’ Vice President) has stated that the company has no plans to broach into Illy’s coffee making territory but want to help them provide…


Fridge Sends Spam Emails

A recent web attack has compromised over 100,000 smart gadgets (such as kitchen appliances, media PC’s and smart TV sets) into sending out spam emails. The attack (uncovered by Proofpoint) is believed to be one of the first to exploit the lax security on devices that are part of the ‘internet of things.’ About 25% of the messages seen by Proofpoint researches didn’t pass through laptops, desktops or smartphones, however the malware managed to get itself installed on other smart devices. The onboard computer processors in these devices act as a self-contained web server to handle communication and other sophisticated…


Acunetix Web Vulnerability Discovers Holes in Web Applications

  The Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner is a tool designed to discover security holes in web applications that attackers could abuse to gain access to a business’ systems and data. With Acunetix WVS websites can be regularly checked for vulnerabilities such as SQL injection  and Cross Site Scripting.  The scanner ships with many innovative features such as: AcuSensor Technology, automatic JavaScript analyser, Visual macro recorders and extensive reporting facilities, which include various compliance reports. Acunetix has paved the way when it comes to web application security and its engineers have constantly been developing and updating the system since 1997. Clients…


IBM Hoping to Connect More Enterprises Together Through Cloud Coverage

IBM has recently announced plans to commit $1.2 billion in order to expand its global cloud footprint. This will mean increasing their network of data centres in 13 different countries. They aim to have this completed by the end of 2014 in line with their plans to encompass themselves into the newly expanding cloud-based market. According to IBM, the cloud market is set to grow $200 billion by 2020 due to the demand by large public bodies and governments wanting to manage their supply chains and streamline their business practice. Enrich Clementi (Senior Vice President of IBM Global Technology Services)…


Linux Screensharing Made Possible with Desktop

RealVNC has announced that its free-to-use computer screen sharing application for Social Media is now available for the first time on Linux systems. The app can be used through Facebook allowing users to share their screen with Facebook friends. RealVNC have also said that Desktop can be used for collaboration, sharing private information and training between others on Windows or Mac. Desktop works by prompting two people wanting to temporarily share screens by running a small software program that automatically establishes an encrypted connection together through the internet. If either person disconnects, both original clients are automatically deleted leaving no…


Edinburgh buses and trams receive free Wi-Fi

The Scottish government is set to make the city of Edinburgh more connected by issuing all buses and trams with free Wi-Fi. A £2m project which could see 713 buses and 27 new trams with Wi-Fi equipment installed in them was launched for tender in December 2013 and closes January 2014. The winner will receive specifically allocated funding which has been set aside to incorporate wireless technologies into everyday life including superfast broadband and improvements on mobile access to the city. “The introduction of passenger Wi-Fi on all of Edinburgh’s buses and trams would be great for our passengers and…


Government launches Cyber Street to help protect SMEs

A new campaign has been launched by the Government advising SMEs how to get ‘cyber streetwise’ and reduce the number of attacks to their business through the internet. The aim is to provide businesses and the public with the skills and knowledge to take control of their cyber security as more and more mobile devices are being used. The Government have created this campaign based on their findings from the National Cyber Security Tracker. They discovered that just 44% of people install internet security software on new equipment, 37% download security updates and only 57% of people say they don’t…


Selfridges London Embrace Augmented Reality

As part of the Festival of Imagination, Selfridges in London has unveiled a virtual reality and augmented reality display called ‘The Imagine Shop’. The shop will showcase future-facing products and include a pop-up watch shop allowing customers to try on a range of virtual watches which will display in their wrist using 3D tracking technology. The idea has been devised and curated by Dezeen and Inition and will be open to the public until March 2nd. One of the most expensive items on display is a £300m luxury 90 metre super yacht designed by Blohm + Voss in partnership with…

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