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Start-up Companies unhappy with Tech City Broadband

Many of the start-up companies based at Old Street in London have started to speak out about the poor tech City broadband they have (or in some cases haven’t) been receiving.

Based in London, Old Street Technology was design to be a place where new start-ups could grow their business, engage with likeminded companies and receive the best tech city broadband available. However, it has been brought to light that many of these start-up companies have struggled to develop due to the poor quality of broadband available. Many of the companies have endured high fees as well as lengthy installation days or other unknown hold ups.

Despite the Department for Culture, Media and Sport offering £3,000 grants available to help businesses access high-speed internet, the local MP Meg Hillier has branded the disrupted service as a “national embarrassment” and “a joke” after it has emerged that over a third of the start-up companies haven’t been receiving the tech city broadband they were promised.

Ms Hiller has called for a “comprehensive review of tech city broadband, plans for infrastructure and roll out and a competitive framework for delivery”. Many of the companies have had to allow workers to work remotely from home or provide Internet dongles.

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