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The Great Firewall of China

Access to a number of the worlds most visited sites including Google, Facebook and Twitter are prohibited by the communist Chinese government.

Companies and individuals bypass ‘The great firewall of China’ via the use of VPNs, a tool widely used in western societies and businesses to enhance security. VPNs can be essential for international firms operating from within China, however the use of a virtual private network can result in the blacklisting of the companies IP address. Earlier this month VPN services were blocked during the Communist Party Congress.

Signs of the governments crack down on these frowned networks have appeared in business centres and offices in the eastern province of Shandong. Images have been posted online of warnings from Internet Monitoring Teams reading,

“Upon discovering such activity, the violator’s internet access will be directly cut off and the police will be notified”.

Another sign warned,

“In order to eliminate access to prohibited websites through use of VPN software by internal staff, starting today, the VPN function will now be disabled. For those who must use a VPN to access the internet, after preparing your file, go to D1 (88885681) and ask a technician to help set up your connection.”


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