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The Stel Android Trojan

A new Trojan has been found in Android OS that is designed to steal text message data.

The Trojan, named The Stels, not only steals text messages and sender/receiver data but can also intercept and send messages of its own accord. The malware is also capable of making phone calls to premium rate numbers and racking up huge bills for the owner of the device.

The Trojan is spread via a malicious email posing as an official email from a department of the US tax office. The malware has been created using a black hole exploit that seeks vulnerabilities in browsers, OS and plugins.

Mobile malware is being used increasingly by cyber criminals, as the number of users and the uses of smartphones grow. Unfortunately the protection available for mobile phones is still limited and 10 of the most popular mobile phone antivirus softwares failed to detect The Stel malware.

Keep your mobile safe by –

– Only installing apps through the official Google Play store
– Be careful when downloading apps with application level permissions
– Be careful when opening attachments and links in email, SMS and IM


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