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Trojan Found in Mac OS X

A Trojan that poses as a legitimate software installer in Mac OS X has been developed by hackers.

The Trojan, named SMSSend-3666 was developed using a program named ZipMonster. The program creates fake installers that imitate the genuine article, once downloaded they have the capabilities to direct payments directly back to the crook.

TrojanSMSSend-366 been discovered disguised as a popular music application on a Russian social networking site. It tricks users by requesting a mobile number which will then be used to send a code that enables the radio feature on the app. What actually happens is the number is signed up to a premium rate service that then takes monthly debits from their account.

These types of malicious scams are notorious in Windows devices, but it’s the first of its kind to be found targeting Mac products. Apple was quick to issue a fix by updating their virus definition files which promptly blocked the Trojan. The discovery does suggest that these types of attack are making their way into the Mac world and it wouldn’t be surprising to see the same Trojan in a slightly different disguise popping up in the imminent future.

Read more about the rise of SMS malware here.


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