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Trojan Using Fake Adobe Cert

A Trojan that targets devices running Windows operating systems has been discovered by security researchers.

The unnamed Trojan has been accessing victims computers using a fake Adobe security certificate. The certificate however is recognised by Windows as ‘not trusted’, which should be a red alert to all users. The cert however is signed by ‘Adobe Systems Incorporated’, the untrained eye may not be aware that Adobe uses VeriSign to authenticate it’s products, if the malicious file was a genuine Adobe document it would be authorised by Verisign, not Abobe themselves.


The Trojan is being spread in a malicious file named ‘Word13.exe’ and uses the adobe logo to fool users into opening the document and releasing the Trojan. The malware affects IE and Notepade as well as having the ability to steal data and create, edit, delete and move documents. The nameless Trojan can also capture screenshots of the users activity.

Researchers discovered the Trojan in the wild, and are currently trying to work out how many devices have been affected by the malware which is expected to have been spread through drive by downloads and phishing emails.


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